WEST Celebrates Bat Appreciation Day!

Bats play important, and often underappreciated, roles in our ecosystems. They serve as key pollinators for several plant species and help control insect populations. Bats also play an important role in economic ecosystems by reducing the impact of pest outbreaks on crop production. WEST recognizes these roles, and we have developed tools and approaches our […]

Anna Ciecka – International Women and Girls in Science Day

Anna Ciecka – Consulting Biologist, Detection Dog Program Lead I’m a Biologist and Coordinator for the WEST Detection Dog program. Exposure to natural areas during childhood and hands-on learning through college ecology courses fueled my interest in understanding ecosystems, exploring new areas, and learning new skills. The first half of my career was a wonderful […]

Rosa Palmer – International Women and Girls in Science Day

Rosa Palmer – Senior Biologist and Latin American Lead I have loved science and animals since I was little. I am originally from Peru and although I completed my bachelor’s in a great university in Peru, back then, there weren’t many grad school opportunities related to wildlife conservation or management. I worked hard through school […]

Carla DeMasters – International Women and Girls in Science Day

The first in a series of highlights for International Women and Girls in Science Day: Restoration Ecologist Carla DeMasters, CERP, PWS, MA, MS I am a restoration ecologist at WEST with a background in botany, plant ecology and restoration ecology. I would never have considered myself a “plant person” in the past. In fact, I’m […]

WEST Celebrates International Women and Girls in Science Day

Yesterday, February 11th, was International Women and Girls in Science Day. WEST proudly joins the global movement in honoring the remarkable achievements and contributions of women and girls in the field of science. From pioneering research to innovative solutions, their impact on environmental conservation and sustainability is undeniable. International Women and Girls in Science Day […]

Black History Month

WEST is proud to recognize Black History Month and stands behind the continued fight for racial equality. Each year, the US and Canada select a theme to celebrate the month.  This year, the US is highlighting African Americans and the arts. Below, we share works from two artists: Amanda Gorman and Bisa Butler. Amanda Gormon […]

WEST Celebrates National Conservation Dog Day

On #NationalConservationDogDay we celebrate our detection dogs’ energy, drive, and enthusiasm. In 2023 our 47 detection dogs… ➢ Represented 13 breeds and breed mixes➢ Spent >900 hours training➢ Utilized >12 target odors➢ Surveyed for >10,000 hours on 23 projects Their work allowed us to collect data to help conserve wildlife, and they were rewarded with ⚾s,🦴s, and […]

WEST at REWI’s Solar Power and Wildlife/Natural Resources Symposium

WEST is proud to be a gold sponsor of Renewable Energy Wildlife Institute’s Solar Power and Wildlife/Natural Resources Symposium this week in Norfolk, Virginia. The WEST team will participate in live panel sessions, poster presentation, and on-demand presentations. Stop by our booth to meet our team!  Wednesday, November 15th | 2:05 PM EST Panelist: Todd […]


WEST is proud to sponsor The Wildlife Society this week in Louisville, Kentucky. The WEST team will participate in oral and live panel sessions. Stop by our booth to say hello!  Full presentation details can be found here: Wednesday, November 8th | 9:15 – 9:30 am “Overview of Drone Applications in Wildlife Monitoring and Research at […]

WEST Bat Solutions

WEST’s unparalleled combination of ecology and statistics is a key asset for developing scientifically defensible solutions to natural resource issues, including concerns surrounding bats. WEST has several national experts in bat ecology and statistical approaches. We have conducted hundreds of research and monitoring studies designed to estimate the effectiveness of various measures used to reduce […]