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Drone Technology for Bat Hibernacula

WEST used drone technology to assist in locating potential bat hibernacula. We used thermal imagery to see if there was warmer air coming from portals in

WEST at The Wildlife Society Virtual

WEST staff will be in attendance at The Wildlife Society Virtual Conference this week and will be participating in the following on-demand presentation and live

Mist-Netting Barns

A fun and favorite bat project included mist-netting barns in the Midwest to document potential colony use. The goal of the project is protecting and

Northern Long-Eared Bat Tracking

Another favorite project was on Cape Cod, where WEST staff caught a northern long-eared bat and tracked it to a cedar siding house where it

Foraging Telemetry on Bats

A favorite WEST project is capturing and conducting foraging telemetry on migratory bat species such as the eastern red bat and hoary bat. This is

WEST Celebrates Bat Week

WEST is excited to celebrate Bat Week, October 25th – 29th. Bat Week is an annual international celebration that brings together bat awareness and their key

WEST at ACP Offshore Windpower

WEST is happy to be in attendance at ACP Offshore Windpower this week! Dr. Jennifer Stucker, Tracy Brunner, and Jason Ritzert will be attending. Be

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