Oil & Gas

Our scientists have years of experience supporting projects in the oil and natural gas industries throughout the US and Canada. This experience includes impacts assessment and compliance study design, field data collection, preparation of technical reports, and consultation with state and federal agencies. While our focus on scientific rigor and principles applied remains the same, our professionals modify assessment and compliance strategies to meet the unique needs presented at the scale and individual aspects of each project.

We routinely conduct field studies to evaluate impacts to wildlife and other natural resource in response to oil and gas development. Survey requirements are typically established by state and/or federal agencies as a permit condition and our knowledge of specific seasonal and regional requirements ensures that data are collected according to established protocols and provide assurance of compliance with regulatory standards.

Project Highlights

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Greater Sage-Grouse Habitat Restoration

Since 2012, WEST has served on a team of professionals dedicated to the restoration and enhancement of greater sage-grouse habitats within a State of Wyoming Core Population Area.  As part of this team, WEST ecologists were responsible for identifying and prioritizing potential project areas, designing projects to meet restoration plan objectives, identifying and evaluating various treatments to determine Best Management Practices for successful projects, overseeing implementation, and monitoring of projects within various wildfire areas in Converse County, Wyoming. The projects have resulted in out planting over 100,000 containerized sagebrush seedlings that created new seed-source islands to accelerate recolonization of sagebrush in burn areas while increasing functional habitat available for use by greater sage-grouse.  The overall goal of the projects was to effectively jumpstart sagebrush restoration within disturbance areas that would eventually return the areas to suitable greater sage-grouse habitat.