Our Principles

Scientifically Defensible Solutions

WEST uses state-of-the-art statistical principles to provide a common sense, objective, defensible, and professional approach to the solution of natural resource challenges. 

WEST’s unique combination of ecology and statistics is a key asset for developing scientifically defensible solutions to natural resource issues. This expertise results in an approach unmatched in the environmental consulting industry. WEST advocates for good science, establishing the company as an objective and respected consultancy for both agencies and industry.

Technical Expertise

WEST provides a team of highly qualified ecologists and biometricians with broad experience in basic and applied natural resource science and a reputation for objectivity and excellence in consulting services.

Through continual training opportunities and emphasis on professional development, WEST’s professionals provide the highest level of technical expertise in ecology, wildlife biology, geospatial sciences, and biometrics. Combining these skills offers our clients the highest level of scientific consulting and objective solutions to natural resource questions and challenges. 

Cumulatively, WEST’s scientists have more than 110 advanced degrees, have published more than 75 articles in peer-reviewed journals over the past 10 years, and provide over 1,000 years of combined experience in the scientific consulting field. This level of technical expertise is unmatched in the consulting world.

Quality Client Service

WEST values external and internal client relationships. We look to develop high-quality and cost-effective solutions geared to the situation. Time-tested and innovative, WEST brings appropriate skills and methods to each new challenge.

Throughout WEST’s history, providing high-quality services and products has been the central focus in the company’s approach to business development. Quality services bring repeat business, and this philosophy is evident in our success in the field of environmental consulting. Improving the quality of our services and products is an ongoing business. WEST has developed strong quality improvement policies and processes that are central to our strategic plan. Quality starts with strong technical expertise and efforts to continually improve our expertise. We developed our quality assurance and training programs specifically to meet our unique needs as well as our approach to environmental and statistical consulting.

Satisfying Career

WEST provides our employees with the benefits, career opportunities, flexibility, and a safe work and inclusive work environment to advance a satisfying and engaging career.

As an employee-owned company, WEST is committed to providing its employees a satisfying and rewarding career. The work force values autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Employees want to be a master of their professional growth, be the expert in their field, and know that the work they are completing has value. Promoting these values enforces employee engagement and satisfaction in work and career and is central to our efforts to continue improving employee satisfaction.

Collaborative Team Approach

WEST applies a collaborative approach where we work as a team with our clients, our internal experts, and our support staff to develop the highest value solutions.

At the heart of WEST’s foundation is a collaborative team approach utilizing many areas of expertise. We assemble diverse project teams, including subject matter experts, and from relevant geographic regions to provide clients with the most innovative solutions to their problems. This founding principle has been the cornerstone of WEST’s success throughout the company’s growth. The services we provide our clients require a strong team approach to ensure we meet the highest standards in job completion and quality. We all are continually exposed to team members that bring different expertise for the common goal of project completion.

Respectful Atmosphere

WEST values an atmosphere of respect that honors diversity, integrity, and equity with no tolerance for discrimination or harassment. 

Diversity, integrity, and equity create the heart of WEST’s work environment. All employees better the company by holding and practicing these values daily.

Continual Improvement

WEST supports all employees in efforts to continuously improve their skills and the company’s consulting services that are necessary to succeed in an evolving market.

We have always maintained a strong commitment to employee professional development and growth, as well as improving the services and products we provide our clients. Employees have opportunities to present at conferences in their subject area expertise, attend trainings to improve their knowledge base and skillset, or branch out to further their career. As a company, WEST supports a culture of quality and safety through long-term and ongoing initiatives in quality improvement, training, and health and safety. Our drive for continual improvement at the personnel and company level has kept us at the forefront of a highly competitive market.

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