Vegetation & Reclamation

WEST’s scientists are experienced with vegetation management and monitoring at projects throughout North America. With our unique combination of ecologists, biologists, and statisticians, we can design studies, collect and analyze field data, and provide sound inferences based on the results. 

Ecological Restoration

Good land stewardship contributes to protecting facility assets from erosion, flooding, ponding, and noxious weeds, all of which can impact site accessibility and efficient and cost-effective facility operation. Facility development and operation requires a long-term commitment to managing lease-held land. Our restoration ecologists work side-by-side with client project teams to protect assets from environmental risks through a strategy that is sustainable for the life of the project. 

Vegetation & Plant Sampling

WEST staff have extensive experience conducting rare plant assessments and surveys for county, state, and federal sensitive species, as well as Endangered Species Act listed species. This experience includes evaluating project impacts to rare plant species and communities and designing and implementing mitigation measures to address such impacts.

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