Vegetation & Plant Sampling

WEST staff have experience conducting rare plant surveys and habitat suitability assessments for state and federal sensitive species, specifically the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, and Endangered Species Act listed species. This experience includes working with agencies to develop survey plans, supporting clients with avoidance and minimization opportunities, and determine if impacts exceed agency thresholds for permit approval or mitigation.

WEST staff can provide vegetation mapping and classification in a variety of community and ecosystem types throughout the US. This includes detailed descriptions of habitats (and species they may support) and floristic inventories. WESTs experience includes vegetation monitoring in systems ranging from Southwest deserts to Rocky Mountain forests and basins to the Great Plains prairie ecosystems. Our expertise includes baseline studies to identify presence/absence, short- and long-term monitoring to support permit compliance, grassland restoration and quality assessments, wetland/riparian functional assessments and mitigation monitoring, and noxious weed surveys.

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