Environmental Permitting

With offices across the nation, WEST’s experts have experience and local knowledge in every ecoregion to help obtain the permits needed to move projects forward. From Habitat Conservation Plans to NEPA, we have clients covered with economical, scientifically credible, and defensible permitting documents.

Endangered Species Act Compliance

WEST is a recognized leader in the field of Endangered Species Act consultations and is adept and nimble at navigating the regulatory, legal, and political landscapes of conservation planning for threatened and endangered species.

Eagle Conservation Plans

Utilizing state-of-the-art methods and analyses, WEST has developed reasonable, practical, and, when necessary, sophisticated risk assessments for eagles that can include habitat modeling and take estimation.

National Environmental Policy Act

WEST has extensive consulting experience in environmental review and regulation compliance, including work under the National Environmental Policy Act.

Solar Permitting

From initial project site characterization studies to post-construction monitoring, WEST can help clients effectively navigate the complex, ever-changing matrix of federal and state environmental regulations.

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