Bat & Avian Research & Monitoring

WEST is a leader in bat and avian research, monitoring, risk assessment, and permitting, offering clients a complete combination of ecology and statistics to successfully navigate and fulfill project development and reporting needs. Our collective knowledge of ecology and habitats is unequaled, with teams of experts at the top of their fields who have research and mitigation experience spanning North and South America.


We offer a wide range of expertise on bat issues, from sensitive species surveys to habitat risk assessments.


WEST has decades of experience conducting eagle studies, risk assessments, and assisting wind developers and operators with eagle regulation compliance.

Whooping Cranes

WEST offers clients a full range of biological services for projects involving whooping cranes, including surveys and baseline studies, permitting, mitigation, and compliance issues.

Prairie Grouse

WEST employees have unmatched experience addressing the ecological issues surrounding prairie grouse throughout their ranges.

Rare, Threatened, or Endangered Avian Species

WEST has extensive experience working with avian species throughout North and South America, including species protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, Endangered Species Act, and state-listed and sensitive species.

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