Detection Dog

WEST staff has expertise and experience with detection dogs and can provide guidance, direction, and implementation of wildlife surveys using dogs. WEST biologists have developed a high-quality training program for detection dogs to execute a variety of wildlife surveys, including bat and bird carcass searches at renewable energy facilities. For carcass detection, dogs provide a higher searcher efficiency than humans alone in difficult-to-search conditions, such as cropland with varying terrain and vegetation cover. Detection dogs can also cover larger search areas and find target scents more quickly.

Detection dogs work with trained biologists to successfully complete ecological research on target species as well as support regulatory compliance. Combined with WEST biologists‘ knowledge of various animal and plant species, detection dogs can more accurately detect species presence during wildlife surveys.

In combination with competitive rates and efficient project management, WEST can implement detection dog wildlife surveys to complete projects more quickly and in a less invasive way.


  • Post-Construction Monitoring
  • Carcass Detection Studies
  • Wildlife Surveys
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