Hawaiian Hoary Bat

WEST is conducting a multi-year study to assess the distribution and occupancy of Hawaiian hoary bats on the island of Oahu and is nearing completion of the second of four years of planned data collection with drone imagery. The study is being conducted with oversight from Hawaii’s Endangered Species Research Committee and is a cooperative […]

WEST Locations

Our corporate headquarters is located in Cheyenne, Wyoming: the heart of the old west. While our roots are in the Rocky Mountains, our company has grown to be an international consulting firm, with offices spanning the United States and internationally. Our geographic diversity allows us to meet the needs of our clients from coast to […]

WEST Commitment to Cultural Diversity

WEST provides a work environment that focuses on respect, integrity, honesty, and accountability. We believe that racism and other forms of bias and discrimination within the workplace impact employees emotionally, mentally and physically and we are committed to racial equity. We value the environment we have created at WEST where a positive team atmosphere and […]

Women of WEST

Did you know? Over half of our employees are women at WEST and several of those women serve on the board of directors, executive team, senior management teams and other leadership positions! WEST’s growth in the early years led to the hires of Shay Howlin and Elizabeth Lack in 1999, Kim Bay in 2001, Sue […]

Message from the CEO

On July 6, 1990, Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Wyoming Office of the Secretary of State that officially established Western EcoSystems Technology, Inc., fondly and commonly known as WEST, as a corporation. Over the course of the last 30 years, WEST has grown from a small two-man shop to a vibrant company spread […]