WEST Publication: Grouse and Energy Infrastructure Meta-Analysis

WEST researchers Chad LeBeau, Kurt Smith, and Shay Howlin authored the recently published research article, “A meta-analysis investigating the effects of energy infrastructure proximity on grouse demography and space use,” in Wildlife Biology. 

A meta-analysis was conducted to understand the overall effect of distance to energy infrastructure on grouse behavior and demography. Results from the study indicated distance to infrastructure was not a strong predictor of grouse behavior and demography, and management decisions surrounding distance to features in a one-size fits all approach may not meet conservation goals. The study provides commentary on other measures of energy infrastructure (e.g., non-linear transformations of distance and density) that may better inform management actions.

​You can view the publication here: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epdf/10.1002/wlb3.01087