WEST Publication – Curtailment & Acoustic Deterrents

Check out the cover of the latest edition of the Journal of Wildlife Management. An eye-catching photograph of an eastern red bat in flight is featured, taken by WEST’s own research biologist Travis Brown! This month’s edition also includes research on bats and wind-energy completed by WEST,  funded by and completed in collaboration with EDF Renewables, and in coordination with NRG Systems. 

Blanket curtailment is a well established practice used to reduce bat mortality. A growing number of research studies have also examined the effectiveness of acoustic deterrents for reducing bat mortality. Can combining both approaches further reduce bat mortality?  WEST biologists and statisticians collaborated with EDF Renewables and NRG Systems to determine if combining acoustic deterrents with blanket curtailment could provide additional reductions in bat mortality compared to curtailment alone. The results of the research were recently published in the Journal of Wildlife Management, and can be found at the link below. Combining acoustic deterrents with blanket curtailment can further reduce mortality for some bat species, but not others. This article describes important differences between species in mortality rates, and turbine warranty considerations when considering appropriate minimization strategy for wind-energy projects.