WEST Bat Solutions

WEST’s unparalleled combination of ecology and statistics is a key asset for developing scientifically defensible solutions to natural resource issues, including concerns surrounding bats. WEST has several national experts in bat ecology and statistical approaches. We have conducted hundreds of research and monitoring studies designed to estimate the effectiveness of various measures used to reduce impacts to bats, including:

·        Project siting

·        Construction timing

·        Smart and optimized curtailment

·        Blanket curtailment

·        Acoustic activated curtailment

·        Acoustic bat deterrents

·        Regional weather fronts to predict bat occurrence

·        Summaries of existing post-construction monitoring studies

Our approach to projects follows the idea that “one size does not fit all.”

Each project is different, and the best solution depends on the species affected, timing of the project, and other project and regulatory constraints. We utilize our decades of experience to evaluate risk and recommend solutions that benefit bats and fit project needs.

Links to recent WEST research articles are below: