WEST at NWCC Virtual

WEST is pleased to be a platinum sponsor of The National Wind Coordinating Collaborative Wind Wildlife Research Meeting being hosted virtually December 1st – December 4th. The WEST team will be participating in a variety of live and on-demand sessions. “Stop” by our virtual booth to say hello! You can view our teams full presentation list below:

Wednesday, December 2nd
Methods for Reducing Bat and Eagle Impacts from Wind Energy
Chris Farmer, Ph.D., Panelist

Thursday, December 3rd
Technology Solutions and Applications for Offshore Wind and Wildlife
Jennifer Stucker, Ph.D., Panelist

Sponsored Session presented by WEST: Building on the Past with Technology of the Future
Dale Strickland, Ph.D., Kristen Nasman, Rosa Palmer, and David Young, Presenters

Friday, December 4th
Novel Approaches to Risk Assessment and Mitigation of Habitat-Based Impacts of Wind Energy
Chad LeBeau, Panelist

The following presentations will be available “On Demand” for the duration of the conference.

An Evaluation of the Cost-Effectiveness of Detection Dogs and Humans for Incidental Take Permit Monitoring
Meredith Rodriguez, Presenter

Avian and Bat Mortality Patterns at Wind and Solar Energy Facilities
Wally Erickson, Presenter

Bat Fatality Timing at Wind Farms across the Continental U.S. and Canada
Kevin Murray, Ph.D., Presenter

A Review of the Issues of Uncertainty in Cause of Death and Background Mortality in Avian Fatality Monitoring Studies
Daniel Riser-Espinoza, Presenter

Modification of Eagle Search Methods with Consideration of Project Topography
Marci Trana and Todd Mattson, Presenters

A Multi-Sensor Approach for Measuring Bird and Bat Collisions with Offshore Wind Turbines
Jennifer Stucker, Ph.D., Presenter

Relationship between Bat Fatality Rates and Turbine Size at Wind Farms across the Continental U.S. and Southern Canada
Fawn Hornsby, Presenter

A Test of Weather and Time-based Smart Curtailment for Bat Fatality Reduction
Paul Rabie, Ph.D., Presenter

Fatality Minimization Targets for Hoary Bats Assuming Capacity for Compensatory Growth
Nicholas Friedenberg, Ph.D., Presenter

Assessment of Trends in Bat Fatality Estimates at Wind Energy Facilities
Kristen Nasman, Presenter

Eastern Red Bat (Lasiurus borealis) and Hoary Bat (Lasiurus cinerus) Foraging Habitats in an Agricultural Landscape
Tim Sichmeller, Presenter

Unmanned Aerial Systems Equipped with Thermal Cameras as a Potential Method for Detection of Hibernacula Used by Bats
Michael Gerringer, Presenter

Genetics 101 – Applications for the Wind Industry
Libby Baumgartner, Presenter