Take Your Dog to Work Day

In the spirit of National Take Your Dog to Work Day, we’d like to highlight some of the incredible work our detection dog teams have been up to. Since 2018, WEST has grown its detection dog program from 5 to more than 25 dog teams. As our dog program continues to grow in size, it is also expanding in scope. While the majority of our dog teams are deployed to conduct fatality monitoring on wind farms across North America, our more experienced dogs have been hard at work sniffing for other targets. Scroll to see all the ways in which WEST utilizes the amazing abilities of its detection dog teams to collect data on a variety of species.

Romping through the soy is just another day in the life for K9 Flirt searching for turbine fatalities at a Midwestern wind farm.
WEST’s detection dog teams have gone international! K9 Cora is conducting fatality searches at a wind energy facility in Canada. 
Detection dog teams are great at providing some non-invasive help to find box turtles in the Midwest for research or presence/absence surveys.

K9 Jasper pauses to take in the views while conducting scat surveys in the Pacific Northwest – a job that requires focus, stamina and determination.

Surveying for Washington ground squirrels is not for the faint of heart! Good thing our detection dogs love to search over large areas for their target odor.

Our canine coworkers are an invaluable tool for collecting non-invasive biological data, and we couldn’t imagine going to work without them!

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