WEST is Hiring

WEST is excited to announce three job openings for passionate individuals committed to wildlife conservation through Endangered Species Act (ESA) compliance. If you’re dedicated to protecting endangered species and their habitats, we want to hear from you! Visit our job board for more information and to apply: https://west-inc.com/careers/

WEST Celebrates National Conservation Dog Day

On #NationalConservationDogDay we celebrate our detection dogs’ energy, drive, and enthusiasm. In 2023 our 47 detection dogs… ➢ Represented 13 breeds and breed mixes➢ Spent >900 hours training➢ Utilized >12 target odors➢ Surveyed for >10,000 hours on 23 projects Their work allowed us to collect data to help conserve wildlife, and they were rewarded with ⚾s,🦴s, and […]