Middle Rio Grande Collaborative

WEST has been the third-party program manager for the Middle Rio Grande Endangered Species Collaborative Program (MRGESCP) in New Mexico since 2016, and provides programmatic, administrative, technical, and scientific support. The MRGESCP is a diverse partnership of 17 federal, state, tribal, local, and non-governmental signatories working together to address environmental concerns in the Middle Rio […]

Wildlife Surveys

WEST statisticians have consulted with biologists throughout the world in designing protocols for estimating population size of animals as well as habitat selection. WEST pioneered many of the statistical methods for estimating resource selection functions, including the book rsf. Examples of wildlife surveys have included double sampling surveys for dall sheep and mule deer, mark […]

Aleutian Tern Population Estimates

The Aleutian Tern is an uncommon seabird that annually migrates between nesting areas in coastal areas of Alaska and wintering grounds in Polynesia, Thailand, and Korea. WEST participated in a joint study with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the State of Alaska, Audubon, and the U.S. Forest Service to conduct tern population estimates in […]