Meeting Bat Conservation Targets While Reducing Wind Turbine Operation Downtime

Discover How WEST is Addressing the Environmental Challenge of Bat Mortality Caused by Collisions with Wind Turbines

Our Solution?

Optimized Smart Curtailment (OSC) uses a tailored, site-specific bat risk model to design a curtailment algorithm that minimizes energy losses without compromising bat conservation. Reduce unnecessary power production losses during low bat activity periods with our innovative approach.

Our Standout Factor

Integrating your project’s wind regime and power curve directly into the algorithm further optimizes the benefits of a custom-made curtailment strategy.

OSC offers a cost-effective solution by using acoustic or thermal video data and turbine SCADA data to produce thousands of algorithms which are tailored to meet your operational needs.

The difference? Acoustic-activated curtailment or deterrents are expensive and difficult to maintain compared to implementing OSC at your project.

OSC in Action

With support from the Renewable Energy Wildlife Research Fund (REWRF) and three wind energy host sites, WEST is advancing OSC in a multi-facility research study designed to test and validate acoustic and camera technology that detects when bat fatalities occur, thus providing details on the exact conditions to further improve OSC.

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