WEST Publication: Curtailment and acoustic deterrents reduce bat mortality at wind farms

WEST researchers Rhett Good, Karl Dubridge, and Andrew Tredennick are co-authors of the recently published article “Curtailment and acoustic deterrents reduce bat mortality at wind farms” published in the Journal of Wildlife Management. The article examines the effectiveness of differing methods for reducing bat mortality at wind-energy projects. Previous research focused on reducing bat mortality at wind turbines have focused on either curtailment or acoustic deterrent effectiveness. The research examined the effectiveness of combining acoustic deterrents and curtailment to determine if additional reductions could be achieved compared to curtailment alone. Findings suggest the effectiveness varies by species, and biologists should closely examine the composition of bat species being affected by a wind project in order to design the most effective minimization strategy. 

A link to the article can be found here: 


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